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Ancient Hidden Secrets Of The Tribulation Revealed

2014-02-02 16:59:19 admin

Author and lecturer Dr. Scott McQuade has discovered amazing secrets of the Tribulation, hidden for millenia in Sumerian, Mayan, Hindu and other ancient texts.

The Tribulation is a series of tumultuous events that will take place after the Rapture during the End Times. It will affect everyone on earth, regardless of denomination or beliefs. It’s said in the Book of Revelation that at the Tribulation an angel will trumpet, smoke will rise out of a great pit, and the earth will be taken over by locusts. Then, after the trumpeting of another angel, the Four Horsemen will be released, and many wicked people will be killed. Those who are not killed will still not repent of their evil deeds.

But Dr. McQuade has found, after thousands of hours of scholarship, that the Bible has been distorted and corrupted, and that the truth lies in texts that pre-date the Bible. This truth has been hidden from the world until now. Dr. McQuade’s research reveals the meanings of these ancient texts, and explains the inaccuracies in the Bible that have misled so many. This is objective truth, not based on interpretation. Pastors, scholars, and theologians don’t understand these hidden meanings, and none of them have this knowledge.

The Tribulation is a real phenomenon, epic in proportion and affecting all mankind. Jesus said that we must be persistent in seeking the truth. Those who are truth seekers will want to learn about Dr. McQuade’s research, and find the secrets of the Tribulation revealed.

Source: http://www.TheTribulation.us/

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2013-06-19 15:17:48 admin

Productivity, in a simple and basic definition, is the term used to define the amount of progress via work that has been accomplished in a given time period. Whether for an hour, a day, or even years, productivity is the movement from one location to another in knowledge attainment, physical action, or financial reward. It is not a one size fits all concept. Rather, what is considered productivity or progress may differ from individual to individual, entity to entity, or organization to organization. It can also apply differently to varying individuals within the same group.

The level of productivity one has is related to several factors. Motivation is a big element in defining the productivity of an individual. For instance, an unmotivated individual is likely not to put in as much effort and energy into progression as one who is highly motivated. Further, productivity may be hindered by ability, be it learned or natural. Those with a natural inclination toward a task are more likely to progress quickly than those who are not inherently structured for it and vice versa. Passion can also determine the level of productivity as can love of the task at hand. In order to grow, learn and succeed, especially in business, productivity is an essential part of the equation.

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